Rainy Japan - Day One

Published on 16 Aug 2018 / by: Mel

I was so looking forward to this trip. I don't remember how many times I told my friends how much I wanted to be in Japan. So, there I was, unbelievably happy and content. 

This is me at Hitachi Seaside Park. 

We rented a mini bus, a Hi-Ace because we planned to go to two different parks in one day. THe first one we went to was Hitachi Seaside Park, famous for its baby blue flower field (Nemophilia). The weather wasn't the best. It was raining and windy, but for some silly reasons, all of us enjoyed the trip. We laughed and shivered at the same time. 

After Hitachi Seaside Park, it was a 2 hours drive to the Strawberry picking farm. I was so looking forward to this one. 

They were so juicy and so sweet. I've never been so happy fulfilling my wildest imagination. I thought the strawberries wouldn't be enough for all of us. I was so wrong. We gave up on lunch because we were so full of strawberries. 

The strawberry farm also provides you with dessert cafe and supermarket in the area so you can buy some souvenirs back home for your family. 

The last park we went to was Ashikaga Flower Park. We wanted to see the hanging Wisteria flowers. We were so ready for lilac magic and some illumination. 


As you can see, there were only a few strands hanging here and there. The rain that morning swept away the remaining flowers. Fortunately, Wisteria flowers weren't the only ones to see. Ashikaga Flower Park offers you a variety of other flowers. We ended up spending so much time there, we had to rush through the Souvenir shop because they're about to close it down. 

Queen's Lace

Queen's Lace 


Seriously. I don't know how the Japanese do it. Their gardens are on another level. 

End of Day One - stay with me, my loves. 

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