Published on 18 Aug 2018 / by: Tan

Somethings are better left unsaid. Do they really? But how about those sleepless nights wasted on pondering the what ifs? Or the empty wine bottles to clear the whatnots? Wasteful, I might say. Even after all the years, there are just things that trigger your thoughts to go back to square one. To where it all started and/or ended. You wish you’ve done things differently. You wish you’ve demanded some kind of windup. Before you aren’t even allowed to think of having one. It’s too late to ask for one now. Or is it? You never know. Will you ever know? Does it really matter now? The apples, the concerts, the squeaking dolphins, the theme park rides. They all seem and feel so distant. So vague. So foreign. Did it really happened? As time erases what is left, what is going to be left behind? Why is it always the pleasure rather than the failure? Perhaps we’re wired that way to be able to look back and give ourselves a pat in the back. Well I guess somethings are better left unsaid. Until maybe one day, when there is the green light. Other than that, good riddance. 

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