Silence and Years Turn to Stones

Published on 21 Aug 2017 / by: Mel

I began with Silence. 

Then I heard noises of people

Surrounding me

Calling out to me

My heart jumped out of excitements 

My feet leaped high from expectations

I remember the first time I fell in love; how this fruition of the heart came to life

I also remember how my first fruit failed to ripe


As those noises turned to blurry faces 

My steady ground turned to a thousand mountain cliffs

So, I looked for the biggest stone I could find 

I placed it in front of me so I wouldn't fall 

Years turn to stones

Shielding me from the heights, the rain, the storms and the burning sunlight

Now, I can't really hear their noises 

The stones are natural barriers, sort of like being in a cave, so out of tune with the world outside

I wonder, would I be able to tear down the stones and step out? I've been staring down the cliffs for far too long 

I can see what they have to offer 




"Not today", I thought to myself.

Today, I placed another stone. 




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