Pregnancy: My Third Trimester

Published on 01 Mar 2017 / by: Tan

We decided to give birth in Sydney so we flew to Sydney at the end of the second trimester. The flight to Sydney was so uncomfortable. I could not sleep well and sitting for such a long period of time was hard on my lower back. My feet was a bit swollen too. Overall, it was not so bad but I would not do it again.

The first few weeks were spent going back and forth to the GP doing blood tests before finally being referred to an obstetrician. My obstetrician was Dr. Matthew Peres at Bondi Junction. We did not really have anything to complain about him. He seemed calm, patient, and supportive.

I also found out I had gestational diabetes. This is for another post.

I spent most of my early stay in Sydney just settling in, trying my best to make myself comfortable away from home. My only problem was when my husband was not there to accompany me. There were lots of times that I feel so lonely there. With my big belly, it was hard to get around on my own. I considered renting a car but I would not be going anywhere that often so I thought it would be such a waste. Hence, I just relied on the public transport. Good thing is, it actually made me walk more (which I had too anyway, due to the gestational diabetes.) Most days, I just stay home and shop online *grins*. Mostly, I only went out to see the doctors or for blood tests.

Sleeping became more and more uncomfortable as my belly grew. I became so bloated; my hands and feet were swollen. I could not wear my wedding ring anymore. Little peanut became more active in my belly. His moves were very visible even from the outside.

At 32 weeks, little peanut was growing so fast that I felt like he was running out of space inside. I felt so stuffed when sitting down or lying down. Sometimes I could feel his legs reaching for my ribs, mostly on the right side. I am very grateful that I am able to sleep soundly every night despite the occasional bathroom visits. At 34 weeks, little peanut weighed at around 2 kg. Doctor estimated that he would be born at around 3.2 kg.

My husband came back to accompany me at 37 weeks. I think he came at perfect timing. I was starting to feel very exhausted all the time. Walking for too long really took a toll on my lower back. Often times, I woke up in the morning feeling tired too. Sometimes I woke up with sore hands. Perhaps I put too much weight on them while sleeping. Luckily, falling asleep was still easy for me.

Starting at 36 weeks, we see the obstetrician weekly. At our 38-week visit, the obstetrician estimated that the baby will be born closer to the end of the year or perhaps early in the new year as the baby has not “dropped” into the birth canal. He said the following week he would try to do a membrane sweep if labor has not started. If the labor still did not come, I would have to be induced at 40 weeks. He did not suggest I go over 40 weeks due to the gestational diabetes. I was kind of worried that I needed to be induced so I asked what can I do to help bring on the labor. He suggested walking a lot and sexual intercourse (a lot of people has been suggesting this as well LOL). At that point we were really ready to have the baby. I was at the point where I felt really bloated and stuffed.

We prayed every night that our little peanut will want to come out soon. Our prayers were answered on 17 December 2016. It was really God’s perfect timing.

Looking back to the whole pregnancy journey, surely it was not a very easy one. However, I was led to a lot of epiphanies along the way. I learned why I had to go through certain things to get where I am now.


Supplements prescribed:-

Blackmores, fish oil, calcium, vit D, iron

Cravings unsatisfied:-

Lots of ice cream and cakes

Looking forward to:-

Peanut's arrival

Helpful remedies:-

Daily walks, Korean drama, Birkenstock sandals


Bloated hands and legs and feet

Happy about:-

Shopping for peanut's stuff


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