Pregnancy: My Second Trimester

Published on 27 Oct 2016 / by: Tan

So it is true when they say the second trimester is the pregnancy period. I was able to be active and I felt “less” pregnant. Apart from the growing belly, I pretty much nailed it. I was able to eat anything, do anything. I went on a babymoon. I had much more energy. I could easily drive around again. I even had a teaching job at a school for a while.

This trimester was when I felt peanut’s first kicks. They began very subtly before slowly, but surely, building up the intensity. I can even see my belly moves now! How crazy (and creepy for some)! I am grateful that everything went smoothly on the second trimester. Peanut is healthy and he is kicking like there is no tomorrow. If you are on your second trimester of your pregnancy, cherish every moment!

Now that I am entering the first week of my third (and last) trimester, I feel like those privileges have been taken away too quickly. Backaches have become more intense as my belly expands more rapidly. I notice myself become less mobile. Standing up after a squat requires more effort. Being in the same position for too long is also really uncomfortable. Good news is, this will all end real soon, right?

Gaining weight is really inevitable at this point. My obgyn in Indonesia suggested 1-2 kg a month and I easily surpassed that during my babymoon trip to Sydney. I also start to notice the linea nigra, which becomes more prominent as the belly grows. As for stretch marks, I have yet to come across any. I have been religiously lathering myself with coconut oil all over my body. FYI my husband really hates the smell. Oops!

On another note, I have yet to come to terms to being called “fat” or “big”. I mean, I am freaking pregnant, what do you expect? It was probably just me being extra sensitive, but I feel like there are better choice of words out there. The more I come across pregnant women, the more I realize that every pregnancy is different. Not everyone can look like Blake Lively while pregnant. Not everyone is going to have the same exact symptoms. So stop comparing. All in all, I am just thankful to be able to bear this little soul inside of me. People really will say a lot of things to you when you are pregnant. Just listen the positive ones and toss out the rest. You are already carrying an extra weight on your body, you do not need more weight on your mind.

At 23 weeks, I started to attend pregnancy exercise classes at RS PIK with a pregnant friend. It was IDR 250,000 for 6 classes. We did stretching and breathing exercises as well as hypnobirthing. It was quite exciting to see other pregnant women. On Saturday sessions, they usually end the session with a short presentation about pregnancy/baby-related topics. I think it is best to be informed when it comes to natural birth. The classes do give some kind of an idea of what you are getting into.

Pregnancy really changes you in a lot of ways. Inside and out. I think it was created this way to prepare yourself for what is coming. So whatever symptoms you have, whatever issues pregnancy has on you, try to embrace it and look at the bright side. The best is yet to come!


Peanut’s estimated weight at 28 weeks:-

Around 1 kg


Supplements taken:-

Calcium, fish oil, multivitamins


Currently enjoying:-

Peanut’s kicks and movement


Still craving for:-

Instant noodles


Looking forward to:-

Shopping for baby stuff


Helpful remedies:-

Yoga, walks, and swims


Frustrated about:-

Clothes not fitting


Happy about:-

Being active again

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