A Birth Story

Published on 28 Nov 2017 / by: Tan

I can’t believe it has been almost a year ago that I gave birth to the most amazing son. It was indeed an experience of a lifetime. So here goes the story before I forget about it.

Days before his birth, I was at a doctor’s appointment and my doctor told me that the baby hasn’t “dropped” yet so he might be born closer to the end of year. My heart sunk. I was by all means ready to let him out as it has become so hard to move around and everything. I was also feeling some pressure on the lower belly but it was nothing major. Somehow I was a bit disappointed at the time because I really wanted the baby to be born soon. Then I walked and walked so much as they say it would trigger labor. I did some squatting as well. I did all I could so I didn’t have to get the membrane sweep.

On 17 December at around 2 a.m., I was awakened by an urge to pee. I was so sleepy and decided to just sleep through it but I couldn’t hold it so I went to the toilet. And guess what? It felt like my pee just wasn’t stopping. I had a feeling my water just broke. We rushed to the hospital as my mother was utterly concerned. On the way there I called the maternity ward. The midwife asked me a bunch of questions. Like a lot. Meanwhile I was feeling nervous and scared and overwhelmed. I was worried something is wrong as the water was not clear. It was rather orange-y pink. I had always thought that it ought to be clear. All the way to the hospital I was constantly holding my belly trying to feel some movement. My legs were also shaking so hard involuntarily. The midwife said perhaps it was just due to the adrenaline rush.

When we arrived, the water flow has slowed down. It was not trickling so much anymore. My legs were not shaking as much too. My mom, on the other hand, was still as panicky as ever. It took quite a while for the midwife to get to us. She then escorted us to a maternity ward to check the baby’s heartbeat, the contraction, and the dilation. I was only 1 cm dilated with minimal contractions. I was almost told to go back home, but the doctor said I should stay. She also mentioned that I would be having the baby on that day for sure.

My husband drove my mom back home as only one person was allowed to stay overnight. I was told to get some sleep but of course I couldn’t. The midwife told me that if my contractions didn’t get stronger, she would have to induce me. There was really nothing I could think about. Everything was just.. happening. I slowly but surely felt stronger and stronger contractions. They began as only mild innocent cramps before finally turning into a stomach-coiling kind of pain. I don’t know how to describe it. It felt like something is moving inside you trying to escape. I took all the pain relieve options (from Panadeine to morphine) but still couldn’t stand it. I spent like two hours in the bath tub with hot water before finally surrendering for an epidural.

My husband was there the whole time. He was somewhat helpful by keeping quiet and lending his arm to be squeezed. He helped me for some water every now and then. He also turned on some worship songs—which actually helped a bit.

After the epidural was hooked on, I could finally rest for a while. I don’t really remember, maybe I did sleep for a bit. The midwife kept checking my dilation. And finally, she told me I was fully dilated and ready to push. I was exhausted and sleepy, but more excited. She asked me to practice push for a couple times. Then she shrieked telling me that she had seen the head. She put a mirror down there and I could see it too. The hair, out of my private part. LOL. Then the doctor came.

Thank God, I only had to push for a few more times before Cody was finally born. After the cord was cut off, he was immediately covered in a cloth and placed on my chest. I sobbed and sobbed. I will never ever forget that feeling. It was truly amazing. Few minutes before he was in my belly and right then he was in my arms. So tangible, so cute, so perfect. It was the very definition of a miracle.

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