Real-Life 27 Dresses: Me (Part 3)

Published on 26 Aug 2016 / by: Mel

It is now H-1 and in a few hours, you will all dress up and ready to tackle the day! Dresses all set, games are well-planned and the Wedding Organizers have plenty of man power on stand by - what can possibly go wrong? A LOT. 

Help your Bride by taking a good care of yourself 

The Bride has a full team to help her, including you. The best way to support her is to make sure that your primary needs are fulfilled first. Primary needs being food, clothes, and health. Don’t be shy to speak your mind, as long as they are within the necessaries. I had food poisoning once and I tried to vomit my way out a few hours before the event. It didn’t work. I agreed to be admitted into the ER and hooked into an IV injection. I was late for an hour for the make up, but the show went on. It was one of the best weddings I’ve been a part of. 

Pack Light 

In some weddings, you move places for different ceremonies. Chinese tradition, especially, requires you to move, at least, two places. Although the wedding organizers will organize your luggage for you, you need to be light and neat with your goods. Put your belongings close to each other and to your luggage. Seperate the essentials into a small clutch you can bring around, and the rest into your small cabin bag. Things to put: phone, some cash, mints and tissue. 

Rest, when it is time to rest

Usually, there is a 15 mins to 30 mins break during the day, in which you can use to take some power nap and refreshments. Do replenish! And once you have confirmed that there's nothing left for you to do, take some rest.

Enjoy the show

I can't emphasize this enough. You might be asked to give a speech, or sing, or be involved in some kind of a show during the event, as have I, but all in all you need to enjoy every second of it. Don't stress out. It is true that the five minutes deal can feel like forever but it is your friend's wedding. The spotlight will be on them. Honestly speaking, unless you make a run for a disastrous fall or a pitchy scream, no one is going to remember it. Have fun, go mad! 

What's your tips and tricks? 





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