Apple Watch: The 6 Times I Found It Useful

Published on 02 May 2016 / by: Tan

1. When keeping track of my daily activity and exercise

The Apple Watch is able to measure your daily activity and exercise. This is perfect for all of you lazy bums out there, including myself. When I am not out and about, I am mostly on my sofa or chair at home. The Apple Watch will tap you to stand up a little if you have been sitting for too long.

Other than that, the application provides information on how many calories you have burned throughout the day by moving, exercising, and standing as well as the number of steps and distance walked daily; all of which I don’t really pay attention to. I doubt the accuracy, but I take it more as a motivation.

As for exercise, I have used it while running outside but mostly on treadmills. Based on my experience, the distance and calories burned measurements on the treadmill machine and the Apple watch never matched. Again, accuracy is not the main purpose here.

“Achievements” can be unlocked as you exercise, which is quite a personal incentive. I felt satisfied unlocking them. I felt accredited for my “hard” work.

2. When I can’t find my iPhone 

This feature has proved to be extremely useful for the forgetful me. Before I had the Apple Watch, I have wasted a lot more time looking for my iPhone just because I forgot where I put it. It happened a lot.

I have my phone with me or on my vicinity most of the time. However, there are just times when I carry it around, put it somewhere, leave it there and totally forget about it. At one point, when I realize that the phone is no longer with me, I will have to go back to the places where I thought I have placed my phone. Most of the time, I won’t find it. You could ask someone to call your phone, but you’re doomed when it’s on silent.

The “Pinging iPhone” feature has saved me a lot of time and energy. Your phone will ring when you tap it. It has saved me countless times.

3. When I want to read my messages

Another awesome thing that the Apple watch can do is display your messages. Not just your traditional text messages, but also LINE and Whatsapp messages (these are the only ones I use). Extremely handy when your phone is out of reach. The only drawback is it takes a while to load your messages on third party applications.

On Line messenger, you can reply to your messages using the few stickers they have selected. You can also speak to it and it will type for you. The latter doesn’t really work for me too well since it can only type in English. When you receive a bunch of messages, it loads much more slowly and sometimes does not load at all.

On Whatsapp messenger, replies can be in the form of the few phrases or the emojis provided. Similarly, you can also dictate your messages in English. However, you will not find Whatsapp application on the home menu (so called, Glances).

I don’t really use the Apple watch to reply messages. It is just good for reading.

4. When someone calls and my iPhone is out of reach

There is no more reason for me to miss people’s calls. I have been known as someone who (almost) never picks up her phone. My family complains about it and so do my friends. The Apple watch will ring and tap you whenever there is an incoming call, unless you put it on silent or disable the function. Goodbye, missed calls!

5. When I need timer/stopwatch

There are just times when you need a timer/stopwatch in hand. Now you can literally have it. I use the timer a lot while cooking and taking medicine. It’s super practical.

6. Lastly, When I need to know the date and time at a glance


Overall it’s a good buy and I’m fairly satisfied with it. I hope I convinced you enough to get one for yourself so I can have someone to exchange heartbeats with.

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