Real-Life 27 Dresses: Me (Part 3)
It is now H-1 and in a few hours, you will all dress up and ready to tackle the day! Dresses all set, games are well-planned and the Weddin...
Published on 26 Aug 2016 / by: Mel

Real-Life 27 Dresses: Me - Preparing the Bridal Showers
Now that you are the Maid of Honor / Bridesmaid, what do you do?  Traditionally, you would be expected to throw a bridal shower. Wh...
Published on 27 Jul 2016 / by: Mel

Real-Life 27 Dresses: Me - What to Consider Before You Say Yes
I arrived at the salon at two in the morning. To my surprise, it was cramped with people and true to my horror, they couldn’t spare ...
Published on 25 Jul 2016 / by: Mel

Apple Watch: The 6 Times I Found It Useful
1. When keeping track of my daily activity and exercise The Apple Watch is able to measure your daily activity and exercise. This is p...
Published on 02 May 2016 / by: Tan

The Clichés in The Bible
There are some overused quotes that have held their positions for many reasons. I am here to name just a few. I was browsing through it whe...
Published on 11 Apr 2016 / by: Tan

NJS Makeup: Work As I Know It
In a lifetime, we come across hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Researchers revealed that out of the many people we come to know, onl...
Published on 04 Mar 2016 / by: Tan