Semi Permanent Make Up: Yay or Nay?

Published on 19 Sep 2016 / by: Tan

A study revealed that the average woman spends 55 minutes to get ready. That sounds like an awful lot of time even for me. If only we can wake up with our face done, right? Well, it is not entirely impossible now with the presence of semi-permanent make up such as eyebrow, eyeliner, hairline, and lip embroidery as well as eyelash extension. At the very least your face is somewhat half done by the time you wake up, or just all the time.

I have tried only three of them. I have not tried lip embroidery just because putting on lisptick everyday is not as time consuming as the rest. As for hairline embroidery, I do not see the need (at least for me, for now). Now, let’s get to each and one of them.


1. Eyebrow embroidery 

It is truly a fuss to get your eyebrows drawn right every single day. Lucky for me, I have decent amount of hair on my eyebrows, but still there are days where I can spend up to 10 minutes just trying to draw them even. My eyebrows are thick and sporadic. One is higher than the other and the arches differ. Drawing them evenly takes time and only happens on good days. That’s why I chose to give eyebrow embroidery a go.

I picked Browhaus as it has been known for their eyebrow expertise. After choosing the color, the brow expert drew my desired eyebrows to show the shape and size. The process took about 2 hours. The first 30 minutes was for the numbing cream. The drawing part took the rest of the time. The process actually depends on your skin. If your skin can receive the ink very well, most likely, your eyebrow will be drawn once or twice. They will repeat the drawing process as necessary. I would say there is no discomfort at all during the process. It was absolutely painless. You might even fall asleep.

The result was alright. It was bold at first but it faded as the ink peels off (that's why retouch is needed). I was left with a very sheer, subtle shade afterwards. It looks very natural and does not look like anything at all. It just defines the shape and feels in the sparse spots. I have not done the retouch though.

Will I get it done again? Maybe not. Since I have a lot of hair on my brows, I still have to groom it every now and then (which is the actual pain in the butt). I also still draw them when I have a full make up face because they are very sheer. However, if you have very minimal eyebrow hair, it does help a lot as a guide when you fill them in. 


2. Eyeliner embroidery

I choose to do this first because I like the look of eyeliner. It gives your eyes more definition. Your lashes may also look fuller. The thought of not having to spend time to line my eyes every day was exciting.

The process was similar to that of eyebrow embroidery. The only difference was the discomfort. It was much more uncomfortable than the eyebrow embroidery as it was done so close to your eyes. While it was not painful, it felt like scratches on your eyelids. It did sting for a little bit later on (probably because the numbing cream started to wear off). It was very bearable even though I came out with slightly swollen eyes. However, I was told that some people will not get the swelling.

As for the result, I really loved it. It made my eyes just a tad bit more defined. I did not opt for winged liners because the beautician told me they would look funny when I do not wear any make up. Mine was thin and natural.  

Will I do it again? Perhaps not. It was too subtle. And at the end of the day, I immediately get used to seeing it and to make me feel made up, I will draw thicker lines on top of them. It just defeats the purpose, right? Unless you want to get them done thick. Also, I am not a fan of the uncomfortable process.


3. Eyelash extension

My first experience of eyelash extension was with Everlash Lash Expert in Kebayoran Baru. I was skeptical at first because a few of my friends who have had lash extensions before did not have good experiences with it. I decided to give it a try after hearing more encouraging reviews from more people. Some of them really swore by them.  

I chose Everlash Lash Expert because they use American products (yeap, that cannot be unlegit, right?). Plus, I was pregnant at the time so I had to be sure everything was credible. At first I thought that the lashes would be glued to my eyelid. Apparently, they are glued to each individual lash, just few millimeters from the base of my real lashes.

The process felt like forever. I was tossing and turning all the time. After around 2 hours, they are finally done. I loved how they make my eyes look more awake even without any make up. They also make your eyes look more defined, just like when you wear thin eyeliners. The only downside was that my lashes do not look very neat as the extensions follow your natural eyelash directions. If all of your eyelashes is not pointing at the same direction, it will look a bit messy. 

I did go for another round as I wanted to try the fuller 3D lash extension. This time around was more pleasant as I was able to fall asleep during the process. The 3D took less time too. I supposed because the 3D lashes are easier to work with. I woke up just in time to see the final result. I liked the 3D lash extensions much better. They do not look as messy due to the fuller look. They last much much longer too.

The only downside to eyelash extension is that if you do not plan to get it done continuously, you will come across an awkward period of time when your eyelashes are uneven in length because some of the extensions will fall off faster than the rest. This is when you will feel like plucking them off, which I do not recommend. You can, actually, get them removed professionally, but why would you want to pay for that?! I did pluck them off myself anyway. I could not stand looking at them. If you are lucky, you will not pluck off your real lashes. In my case, I did yank out a few of my real lashes. I think this is why some people claim that eyelash extensions make their real lashes go bald.

Honestly, the eyelash extension itself does not in any way affect my real eyelashes. They are lightweight. They do not feel like anything at all. You do have to brush them after they come in contact with water so as to prevent them getting tangled with each other, which can be uncomfortable. As for when washing your face or showering, the extensions do not really bother me as much. Somehow, it becomes easier for water to enter your eyes, but not to the point where I feel annoyed by it. The convenience is awesome but my husband said he despises my eyelash extensions during bed time because he said they make me look like barongsai. LOL.

Will I come back for more? Yes, but only if I intend to get it refilled regularly (which can be quite costly and troublesome).

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