My Pregnancy: Gestational Diabetes
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is a condition where pregnant women exhibit high blood sugar levels without previously diagnosed diabe...
Published on 13 Apr 2017 / by: Tan

Semi Permanent Make Up: Yay or Nay?
A study revealed that the average woman spends 55 minutes to get ready. That sounds like an awful lot of time even for me. If only we can w...
Published on 19 Sep 2016 / by: Tan

Black Eyeliners: My Favorites
Eyeliner: the basic eye makeup necessity. I have always been in the scout for black eyeliners that will not budge throughout the day. I hav...
Published on 28 Jun 2016 / by: Tan

Eye Stye/Chalazion/Meibomian Cyst: The Incision Story
After battling it for over a year, I finally muster up the courage to do it. What to prepare? Basically, besides your guts, ther...
Published on 31 May 2016 / by: Tan

Eye Stye/Chalazion/Meibomian Cyst: What, Why and How
What is it? First things first, what the heck is it? It is actually sebum/oil/dirt and all the nasty stuff that are stuck inside and c...
Published on 16 May 2016 / by: Tan

Insecurities: Story of A Little Girl
Several months ago, I stumbled upon a friend whom I had known back when I was in Seattle. Let's call her, V. We had the chance to talk and ...
Published on 25 Apr 2016 / by: Mel