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Published on 02 Apr 2016 / by: Mel

After TONS of research on Japan in the past few weeks, I become overly excited and a wee bit sad because I still have eight more days before finally flying! I can't believe the variety of attractions and beauty that Japan has to offer. More so, its culinary scenes. Serious drooling over here. 

So, a few days ago, I stumbled upon this well-known blog, Anak Jajan. Serious, serious, serious stuffs they got going on there. I got hungry just by checking out their homepage. If you haven't subscribed to their blog or even followed their IG account, you are totally missing out. And I'm saying this not because I got greased by green dough or some slimy Takoyaki sauce (although, that would still be nice hehe...), but because their posts truly inspire me. They've taken the time and effort to help their readers making difficult decisions everyday, like where to eat or where to get a good cup of coffee. Hey, don't judge. You know it's tough. 

Anyways, back to the topic. Amongst their wonderful posts, I found a hidden gem: Matcha Series. CRAZY! They featured Matcha Choux, Tricolor Green Tea Soft Ice Cream, Green Tea & Blueberry Yoghurt Gelato, and so on. I know. It's excruciating. 

Luckily......on the same day, I saw some posts featuring Kyoto Matcha Latte. I got in touch with Tan and headed straight to my matcha paradise. (We're like twins. She wanted to try this place as well.) 

Welcome to Kamakura Japanese Cafe! 

Cozy atmosphere and spacious seating arrangements. Greeneries has sedating effect on me. 

So, we went a little bit crazy and ordered so many! 

Kyoto Matcha Latte - Do you notice that velvety foam?

Kyoto Matcha Latte - Do you see the velvety foam? 

I personally really liked this Latte. Normally, when you order green tea latte in places around Jakarta, you will get a cup of green liquid injected with tons of sugar. This one is different. Kyoto matcha powder was used as the base for this latte and it is known for its bitter yet stimulating element. As you drink it, the foam will hit your palette first and give this comforting sleeping on the cloud. Then, a hint of sweetness and a dash of bitter green tea to complete the experience. Oishii! 

Some cold-pressed juice Tan ordered. It was REALLY good. She always managed to make me feel guilty about my life choices. 

Liked how they showcase some Japanese mags for us to read. It made the atmosphere a bit more authentic. 

Kyoto Matcha Pancake - I know, we need to work on our photography skills like a.s.a.p. But, right now, we just have to go with what we have.

When it first came, we noticed that the look was different from the pancakes we used to see. It's thicker and it's got more density to it. The pancake was complimented with fresh Chantilly Cream, which we asked to be put on the side (because, you know, we're trying to watch our calories intake....obciously, doh), and a cute tiny jar filled with liquid Matcha extract. We loved it. It exceeded our expectations at the very least. It doesn't have an overwhelming sweetness to it, which we love, but may be a turn off for you if you are a sweet-tooth. Be sure to give this a try and see what simplicity can do to your life. 

Tan being Tan. 

 Me, trying to re-enact "Got Milk?" ads. Epic Fail. 

We also tried their savory menus. I think they stay authentic to Japanese preferable item selections, i.e. Gratin & Doria dishes. If you are not familiar with Gratin nor Doria dishes, they're basically oven-baked rice topped with cheese and your preffered condiments. During my study in the states, I found several Japanese-owned restaurants serving the same dishes. I don't really know if it's true in Japan itself, but at least for me, it sounds like familiar Japanese restaurant. Also, not so many places serve Gratin & Doria, AND making them their MAIN courses. Anyways, in this occassion, I tried the Hamburg Doria (pic was on top). 

I couldn't quite figure out what sauce was used for the doria. It was a blurry guess between cream, barbeque, tomato, and/or some alien sauce they got from Japan. But, all in all, the dish was okay. It was a little underwhelming because I expected more cheese...and more defined-flavored sauce. Also, the Hamburg, which is the Japanese style beef patty, was tough and way too salty for me to even eat the half of it. I was sad, but the next menu quickly lightened me up again. 

Kyoto Cheese Pancake 

When Tan's beloved significant other decided to join us, we told him to come as soon as possible. Why? More mouths to feed, more items to order. Talking about being smart, people. 

Their pancake did its job beautifully. I remembered opening my eyes wide on my first bite. It was fluffy and cheesy, as expected from a cheese pancake. Strong but mildly amusing. Process that. It's like meeting someone scary-looking for the first time and realizing that they are surprisingly gentle on the inside. This time, the pancake was complimented with fresh Chantilly cream and refreshing oranges. A perfect finish to our dinner. 

I would definitely come back! 


Kamakura Japanese Cafe

Address: Rukan Cluster Garden House Blok A no.10, Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk 

Price: $$

Recommended Dishes: Pancake series and everything matcha related.

Dishes we'd like to try on our next visit: French Toast and everything matcha related. 

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