Eighteen Pies: For The Love of Pies

Published on 22 Oct 2015 / by: Tan

If you love pies, chances are, you’re gonna love it!!!

Just over a year of handcrafting pies, Eighteen Pies have managed to capture the hearts of pie lovers all over Jakarta. I stumbled upon them on Instagram. I did not even hesitate to immediately order 2 boxes of their pies.

I was excited when they arrived the few days after. Their boxes are too pretty not to take picture of. That’s why they are perfect for gifts or party favors. When I opened the boxes, there they were, the pretty little pies, lining up to get to my tummy.

I stuffed myself with all the different flavors of the pies before setting my favorite on the Creamy Chicken Mushroom with Pork Bacon. The Sloppy Joes is my second favorite. I bet it wasn’t easy to crack open all those quail eggs flawlessly.

Their pies are perfectly sized for snacks. And, they do not hold back on their fillings. You will not run out of fillings to eat with the crust.  Such quality comes with quite a dear price tag. But it’s worth every bite.


IG: @eighteenpies

LINE: eighteenpies

WA: 082225960050

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