Year of Monkey: Are You Looking Fabulous?

Published on 07 Feb 2016 / by: Mel

May 2016 be a healthy and prosperous year for all of us! 

If you are a Chinese Indonesian, chance is you are about to celebrate its upcoming, bigger-than-life holiday: the Spring Festival. Or, as it is commonly known, the Chinese New Year. The celebration includes a lot of rituals and long-held traditions, such as the cleaning of the house to rid of 'huiqi', the posting of printed scrolls, and the fireworks; although, the feast and the Hong Bao are the most common ones to be done in the recent years. 

Now, for youngters like us, there are a few things about CNY that we need to overcome year and year again:

  • When your relatives ask if you are ever going to get married
  • When your relatives remind you of your age by saying that you're at the point where you should be handing out the Hongbao instead of receiving one
  • But when you are actually handing out those Hongbaos, you start to worry if you would have enough money for the rest of the year
  • When your relatives offer you food that you rarely able to reject and fail your diet plans, miserably, by the end of the day
  • And so on

Did I make you feel better yet? 

My point is, CNY can be joyful AND tough at the same time, but all in all,we know that you got what it takes to go through these few days and to come out victorious. Don't give in yet! Don't grumble and look indifferent. Step up your game and be fabulous. Tackle this sh*t, fashionably. 

We got you covered, sisters. 

1. SisSae Qipao

SisSae Qipao is the Liu Sha Bao in Cheongsam fashion industry. Were you surprised to find runny salted egg yolk inside the normal-looking bao? And even if you knew that you were going to eat Liu Sha Bao, would you still find yourself be surprised by the savory drips? This is how I feel whenever I look into SisSae Qipao Cheongsam collections. Their Cheongsam is very traditional looking, but always with a twist, be it in their choice of fabrics, daring colors, or bizarre cuts that make your brows frown. I personally have tried their Cheongsam once and I liked how their tailoring wrap around my body. The woman, whom I assumed was one of the owners, was very friendly and helpful throughout the fitting process. I hate it when the shop keeper is reluctant because they think that you wouldn't finalize your purchase, but SisSae was patient and hands on! Kuddos to them! In terms of pricing, they range between IDR 1 Million to IDR 3 Million, which I think is quire reasonable for unique, fun and comfortable Cheongsam!

SisSae is ready to serve you through many platforms, but I'd like to give a shout out to their website. It informs customers on how to order in a very detailed manner, which I appreciate. I don't like to waste my time waiting for the administrator to reply me half-heartedly. I think you would have an enjoyable shopping time here. If not, you can always head to their offline boutique. Head over to their website to shop online here!  

Need help in narrowing down? Start from my personal favorites:

Shiraz Top for a toned-down casual look -

Pome Fuschia - I JUST LOVE Crop Tops (comes in 3 different colors) -


2. Mandarin Peony

Mandarin Peony got some dramas up their sleeves. Their collections are theatrical and full of flairs with just enough touch of sensual appeals. They are not afraid of patterns and daring silhouettes. Don't get me wrong. What I meant by daring silhouettes is the high-slit skirts of the Cheongsams. In comparison to other brands, I think they run shorter, but I might be wrong since I have yet to try on their dresses. Just by looking through their collections, I think their sizes run pretty small, but don't worry if you fit into a bigger size than what you usually have, you are not adding on some pounds. Besides, we are beautiful just the way we are. Skinny but sickly is not attractive, girls. The goal is to be healthy, no matter your size. 

Mandarin Peony does not have an official site, but they are very active through Instagram accounts and offline boutique over at Pangeran Jayakarta. If their HQ Boutique is too far for you, you can always head over to Seibu Grand Indonesia or Sogo at Central Park Mall for their new collections. 


Daisy - Mandarin Peony Facebook Page 

 Ruby Duchess - Mandarin Peony Facebook Page; How's this for dramatic look? 

3. Sebastian Votum

Now, everyone knows who Sebastian Gunawan is. If you don't, please look him up. Sebastian Gunawan is one of my all-time favorite and go-to designer for quick, affordable and pretty dresses. It so happens that Sebastian has a clothing line called Votum, in which he creates dresses, wearable for most formal events, including the year-round available Cheongsams. I got to admit, I just bought another one of his dresses, today. Guilty! In my opinion, every girl should have at least one Sebastian's in their wardrobe. Sebastian Votum is like the braised pork belly we'll never get tired of. 

Sebastian has a site that can cater your online shopping desire, but I could not manage to get through. The site seemed poorly developed for online shopping purposes, so I strongly suggest that you try them on directly at their offline stores. Some of them include Sogo and Metro Department Store at Plaza Senayan and Galleries Lafayette at Pacific Place. 

Check out their new collections now! 

Happy shopping! 

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