What Happens When Your BFF Gets Pregnant

Published on 13 Oct 2016 / by: Mel

Frequent visit to the restrooms 

I'm talking about pre-dinner visit, during dinner visit, and post-dinner visit frequent. You went with her the first time because you felt a similar urge. Then, you went with her the second time, because she begged you to. You were going to skip the third visit, but then convinced that you needed it before the long trip back home. So there you were in the loo. Again. 

She got hungry, so you got hungry

I don't know if it's a myth or not, but I think every pregnant lady had to deal with the constant hunger every now and then. She would be hungry at the most absurd time, i.e. an hour after we had dinner. I planned to watch on the sideline, but every time she munched on those dumplings, I came back running into the ring. 

Say goodbye to latenight lounging

Most hangout spots in Jakarta turned into chimneys by the time the clock hits ten. If your friend doesn't smoke prior to her pregnancy, chances are she won't smoke, or even inhale some, when she's pregnant. Mad respect to her for choosing to stay at home for the health of the baby instead of wasting her life away with us. Just kidding. We make it rain, obviously. She joins us through Snapchat videos. 

You learn a thing or two about pregnancy

And breastfeeding pumps. It's an eerie thing for me, actually, pregnancy. However, listening to your friend's problems and challenges regarding her pregnancy opens up your eyes to things unknown. And things unknown always intrigue me. For example, I found out that a natural labor would coat your baby with an antibody transfer that otherwise won't occur in the caesarean labor. Mindblown. 

The "Huh?" Moments

"How old is your baby now?" "17 weeks" "Huh?" (That's 4 months, 1 week in my amateurish non-motherly way of thinking)

"Oh my god, look at this fabric! It has unicorn prints all over it. It would be so cute for the swaddle!" "Huh?" (Learning new vocabulary every day)

Browsing through the store for baby cribs with her, and got to see the price tags. "HUH?!" (By the time I have kids, I'd need to be a billionaire to buy them cribs. Laughing out loud. Not really.) 

You feel warm and fuzzy inside

Despite the flustered thoughts and unsettling belly's movements, you realized that your friend is going through one of the biggest change in her life. You see her challenges, how she pushed through them bravely, and the sacrifices she made for this one precious bundle of joy. Soon enough, this baby will come on board and be a part of your journey too. A new life, a new love, a new friend. 


To: Peanut,

Welcome to this world. We love you so much already. 


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