Lullabies: Bursts of Emotions

Published on 21 Jan 2016 / by: Mel

In contrary to its title, this book does NOT let me sleep. I reckon that is because Lang Leav is such a genius writer. She knew my heart better than I knew it myself.   

For those of you who have read this book, uh huh, I feel you, sisters. This book is like our second Bible. I said “Oh, God” to each of its 200 or so pages. I cried. I laughed. And I read again. Each page speaks to me about different aspects of my life, at a different time, crying out different emotions - so organic and true.

Similar to her previous work, Lullabies is arranged to be enjoyed like you're listening to an orchestra. It is divided into three parts starting with a “Duet”, “Interlude” and then the “Finale”. You may and you may not read them in that order. Personally, I have yet to read them in that order to see if the arrangement actually means something. Nonetheless, her poems speak to me all the same.

For those of you who have yet to read this book, have I gotten your attention now?

Lullabies is, to put it simply, a compilation of poems. Poems which Lang describes as “...a little like spells -- incantations that are as old as time...words that -- when strung in a certain way -- has an almost hypnotic effect.”

If you are not a big fan of poems, please, please, please don't shy away from reading this. I assure you, this is a book worth reading. It revolves around a single most universally acceptable idea to mankind -- love.

And trust me, they are so easy to read you won't feel like a dumb 8th grader trying to make your ways in literature class.

Lang's poems express complex emotions in the simplest ways. A subtle awakening of the things you did not realize you have felt before. Her words not only tickle your minds, they awaken your deepest, darkest emotions. They change you.

“Some pieces will sing to your present, others may echo of your past, and the rest could whisper of your future. Remember, while the words on these pages remain static, this book - like all other books - is a living and breathing thing. Much like a mirror reflecting its ever-changing landscape, Lullabies is a book that, over time, will reveal itself to you slowly.” 

I hope you have as much fun reading this book as I did.


P.S. If you did love Lullabies, Lang has more collections up her sleeves. In fact, her new book, Memories, is out! Check out her website for her latest work and links to get her books at 

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