About The Tipsy Sisters

Welcome to our realm of tipsiness. An idea pulled out of thin air, now alive and breathing. A little of who we are for you to have an impression on us.

We are two individuals who happened to be born on the same date. We met through friends by fate. We bond over quirkiness, common sense and dogs. We were inspired to create this journal because sometimes we have too much to say and we feel like we need a platform to channel it. Besides, a little bit more of us wouldn’t hurt, right? 

On a more sincere note, we are also still struggling to make it in life. Being in the 20s is both crucial and demanding but also rewarding. Now that we are about halfway through, we want to share our experiences in life so far through this. We hope to empower other women, get inspired by all of you, readers, and try to give a positive impact in some ways. Because life is, for the most part, about those. Therefore, we really appreciate any kind of response in terms of compliments or criticism. Do leave us a word or two!

It’s basically where we pour our thoughts into words, from our heart and soul to yours. We hope we can play a part in your quirky world too.

Enjoy and thank you for stopping by!


With love from,

Mel & Tan